• Arrive 10 minutes early. Don’t be late. Ask for directions if there is any question about the location.
  • Interviewing tipsVisual impressions are extremely important. Dress appropriately. When there is a question about casual versus professional dress, always dress professionally.
  • Body language is also extremely important. Look at the interviewer right in the eye. Maintain good posture while seated. Smile and laugh when appropriate.
  • Be prepared to take notes or write down important information by taking a note pad and pen that works. It is also a good idea to have specific questions listed in this notebook that you would like to have answered about this position. A client will always ask if you have any questions.
  • Focus on answering the questions completely and concisely and be sure to avoid rambling. Remember to pause after important questions. This “thinking pause” increases the value of your answer. Answer questions honestly. Use specific examples where possible.
  • To the extent possible…relax. Being relaxed in an interview comes from practicing your answers to the questions you will be asked. At a minimum, you should rehearse answers to the basic questions about strengths, weaknesses, reasons for leaving and qualifications for that particular position.
  • Be prepared to ask 3 or 4 important job-related questions. It’s best if these questions come from research you have done about the company prior to your interview. Use the internet for research.
  • Ask for the job. Too many candidates leave interviewers wondering about their interest. If you are truly interested in the position, state that clearly to the interviewer and inquire about the next step.
  • Send thank you letters to each person you interview with. Keep these letters brief and be sure to send them in a timely manner. Verify names and titles prior to sending.

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