Electrical Engineer

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Compensation: $70k-$90k

The Product Design Electrical Engineer is responsible for design and development of air accessory components and systems used in vehicular applications.  In these duties, the engineer will work with many entities both inside and outside of the company to achieve the design goals. Knowledge of microcontrollers, compressors, Bluetooth output devices and/or microcontroller programming would be beneficial.


  • Designing automotive air spring air accessory solutions for moderately new product, process or equipment development programs to meet a specific customer application and obtain a production order within a reasonable time span.
  • Provides information to Sales and Management as to estimates of the required investment, time and feasibility of a proposed project. Considers ramifications of indicated action with regard to customers and competitors.
  • Conducts product, process or equipment development programs to assure desired profitability when turned over to production manufacturing.
  • Takes all necessary actions to insure shipment of samples for customer testing and approval within the prescribed time limits.
  • Writes or insures that a product, process or equipment specification is written before an item is turned over to production manufacturing.
  • Conceives, designs, initiates and conducts necessary testing programs to establish the merit of proposed constructions and materials for new products or processes.  Includes working with suppliers to create their testing protocols and test benches as needed.
  • Works with test lab personnel to design appropriate test fixtures for test lab equipment.
  • Writes technical reports covering all aspects of engineering characteristics and development programs.
  • Makes customer contacts, as required, to study problems and consult with users. Presents solutions to problems when necessary and does moderately complex customer design calculations, testing and development work.
  • Develops and maintains appropriate working relationship with internal customers typically to request or exchange information including but not limited to Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Operations.
  • Provides information, assistance and training to technicians, drafting and/or Jr. Engineer personnel.
  • Maintains technical competence and current awareness by reading appropriate journals and publications, as well as attending technical meetings, trade shows and seminars.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or a related technical degree required
  • 2+ years of telecommunications/automotive component experience
  • Product Development Experience– Automotive Related is a plus
  • Project Management Experience
  • 3D modeling
  • Travel up to 25%
  • Knowledge of microcontrollers, compressors, Bluetooth output devices and/or microcontroller programming preferred.



Bryson Cruse
Engineering/Manufacturing Account Manager